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Just how much are you throwing away in the trash?

Data is of critical value for any business or company.

Be it present on paperwork, files or even hard drives, any piece of information that is relevant to the business holds some significance. Protecting this data is even more crucial for businesses because if this data falls into the wrong hands then it can be used for identity theft and even online fraud. Therefore, it is important that data that is no more of use to a business is disposed off in a safe manner. Shredding is a good way of ensuring that data is handled in the right way before it is recycled. 

Risks of Throwing Away Trash without Shredding

Trash is built up every day in the office. Documents and files that are no longer needed have to be taken care of somehow. However, throwing them away into the trashcan without shredding them can entail a number of risks. The following are some of the dangers of improper disposal of office waste. 





Most of the time when trash is being thrown out employees become careless and make the mistake of throwing out files that even contain sensitive information. This can prove to be catastrophic for a company if this information gets leaked. The chances of this happening increase because trashcans aren’t so secure. Anyone can easily go through them and find this sensitive information. It can be anything from business secrets to important financial data that can be sold to rival companies.   





Theft of documents is another risk that arises if you are not careful in taking care of office waste. There is always the chance that an important document gets mixed up with the junk files and gets thrown into the trash bin. In such situations, it would become increasingly easy for someone to get their hands on to these documents without you ever realizing it. You will only get to know about it when it has already become too late for you to do anything.  



Identity theft is another possible danger of improper waste removal that most businesses don’t really think about. There are a number of documents that are considered useless by companies which have sensitive personal information of their employees present on them. These personal details can be used by unscrupulous individuals for the purpose of identity theft. In identity theft, a fraudster takes over an individual’s identity and start posing as them. Therefore, it is important that business companies protect the personal information of their employees and invest in proper means of Waste Care.    



Identity fraud is the direct outcome of identity theft. When fraudsters take over someone’s identity, they can commit fraud in their name. They can choose to open bank accounts, apply for loans or credit cards and even commit crimes in their name. All of this would be tied back to the real individual though and he will get the blame for everything. It is a very big issue and businesses need to ensure that they don’t let such a thing happen. You can learn more about Action Fraud from this website.  

Importance of Data Protection 

Data protection has become a big deal nowadays because of the growing cases of identity theft and identity fraud that have surfaced in the past few years. The Data Protection Act clearly states that businesses should ensure that the personal information of other people is properly used and protected. It lays down strict regulations to ensure that personal details of individuals do not get into the wrong hands. Failure to abide by the data protection laws can get you into legal trouble. Therefore, it is best for businesses to seriously consider the use of a shredding service for proper disposal of their office waste. 

Choosing a Shredding Service

Shredding is the best means of ensuring that all trash has been adequately disposed off. It involves the use of shredders which hack down the documents into small pieces. Shredding services offer businesses the chance to get their trash taken care of in a safe and secure manner. It is important to choose the shredding service carefully though. Don’t make hasty decisions when picking a shredding company. Make sure that the shredding service you are hiring is a reputable one and its employees have the requisite training for using shredding machines before hiring it for this important job. Visit Shred First if you want to make sure that your sensitive documents are properly shredded and want to ensure that you hire a shredding service that meets you needs.


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