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Remote Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Security is of Prime Importance

Be it a small office building or a sprawling corporate skyscraper, every organization is aware of the fact that the safety of its premises is of prime importance, and even a single misstep or callous approach in this regard can prove to have catastrophic effects. For those property owners who experience sleepless nights on account of the security of their properties, it is high time to invest in a sound security system. Amongst the myriad of security features that are available in the market today, the role played by an effective wireless alarm system is of primary importance.

Hi-tech Wireless Alarm Systems

With advancement in technology, there are a range of hi-tech wireless alarm systems that you can take a pick from, depending upon your specific requirements. The factors on the basis of which the effectiveness of a wireless security alarm system is judged include its ease of installation, tamper-detection mechanism, longevity of its battery, decibel level of its siren, voice messaging options and detection mechanisms. The advanced range of VPS wireless alarm systems is indeed a must-have for all property owners.

Vacant Property Alarms

It goes without saying that the security risk posed by empty or vacant properties is often higher than that of properties and buildings that are in use by the owner. This is where the importance of empty property alarm system comes into picture. Vacant Property Specialists (VPS) are UK’s leading security products and service providers, with branches spread not only across UK but also Europe as well as USA. Our manual services as well as sophisticatedn security systems have been appreciated by clients all over the world.

Looking for Holistic Security Solutions?

Irrespective of where your property is located and in what condition it is, VPS is undoubtedly the answer to all your security requirements, be it in the form of the latest alarm systems, surveillance systems or the most reliable security services. Even if you simply want a comprehensive risk assessment report of your property, you can feel free to contact us, and we will be pleased to cater to all your property security requirements.

High Degree of Reliability

Before entrusting a service provider with the security of your property, it is very important to conduct a background check and thereon determine if the security agency or organization has the relevant credentials, certifications and a commendable track-record of having lived up to its promises in the past. After all, security is one aspect that you cannot take any chances with, no matter what.

Proper Security Certification

VPS has been entrusted with the security management of 90,000 properties across Europe and USA, and its security certification is very much in place, conferred upon it by SSAIB, a highly renowned security certification for service providers in the realm of security. This SIA accreditation has been provided after extensive auditing of electronic security services, guarding services, fire alarm systems check, business licensing check and so on and so forth.

VPS Smart Alarms: A Technological Marvel

The erstwhile era of archaic alarm systems with extensive wiring and complicated features have given way to the technological marvel of smart alarms. VPS Smart Alarms are a league apart in terms of being the most hassle-free, reliable and prompt smart alarm system that is available for property owners today. Be it a vacant property or one that is currently occupied, and be it residential or commercial, these smart alarms offered by VPS provides fool-proof security at all times.

VPS: A Name You can Trust

With a solid and wholesome experience of ten years in the security arena of Europe and USA, and the experience of having catered to the security requirements of a huge diversity of clients with varied security requirements, we have etched a highly trustworthy name for ourselves as UK’s top security service provider with a commendable track record. While our aim is to ensure that our services reach all the corners of the globe, our constant endeavor is to uplift our standards and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Professional Dynamism coupled with Technological Excellence

We attribute our success as a high-profile security organization to our highly qualified and experienced security professionals, as well as our technological excellence. With increasing security threats to properties today, it is necessary for owners to invest in the best security services, and outsource their security needs to a provider who can provide holistic security solutions. Having fully comprehended the needs of our valued clients, we have gone miles ahead of where we started from, and our security services are the talk of the town today!







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I have recently gotten CCTV cameras installed by Northern Association of Security Company in my store. I have been suffering from petty thefts for the longest while; however, since my cameras were installed, I have nothing to worry about anymore. I was happy that this company was able to have my cameras installed within a day.
Bradley M. Cunningham


Buying CCTV Cameras and scanners from Northern Association of Security Company has helped me in saving hundreds of dollars. The products offered by them are of good quality and are available at reasonable rates. 
Connie L. Stewart
The Sample Factory