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Remote Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Security is of Prime Importance

Be it a small office building or a sprawling corporate skyscraper, every organization is aware of the fact that the safety of its premises is of prime importance, and even a single misstep or callous approach in this regard can prove to have catastrophic effects. For those property owners who experience sleepless nights on account of the security of their properties, it is high time to invest in a sound security system. Amongst the myriad of security features that are available in the market today, the role played by an effective wireless alarm system is of primary importance.

Hi-tech Wireless Alarm Systems

With advancement in technology, there are a range of hi-tech wireless alarm systems that you can take a pick from, depending upon your specific requirements. The factors on the basis of which the effectiveness of a wireless security alarm system is judged include its ease of installation, tamper-detection mechanism, longevity of its battery, decibel level of its siren, voice messaging options and detection mechanisms. The advanced range of VPS wireless alarm systems is indeed a must-have for all property owners.

Vacant Property Alarms

It goes without saying that the security risk posed by empty or vacant properties is often higher than that of properties and buildings that are in use by the owner. This is where the importance of empty property alarm system comes into picture. Vacant Property Specialists (VPS) are UK’s leading security products and service providers, with branches spread not only across UK but also Europe as well as USA. Our manual services as well as sophisticatedn security systems have been appreciated by clients all over the world. Read More...

Just how much are you throwing away in the trash?

Data is of critical value for any business or company.

Be it present on paperwork, files or even hard drives, any piece of information that is relevant to the business holds some significance. Protecting this data is even more crucial for businesses because if this data falls into the wrong hands then it can be used for identity theft and even online fraud. Therefore, it is important that data that is no more of use to a business is disposed off in a safe manner. Shredding is a good way of ensuring that data is handled in the right way before it is recycled. 

Risks of Throwing Away Trash without Shredding

Trash is built up every day in the office. Documents and files that are no longer needed have to be taken care of somehow. However, throwing them away into the trashcan without shredding them can entail a number of risks. The following are some of the dangers of improper disposal of office waste.  Read More...


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I have recently gotten CCTV cameras installed by Northern Association of Security Company in my store. I have been suffering from petty thefts for the longest while; however, since my cameras were installed, I have nothing to worry about anymore. I was happy that this company was able to have my cameras installed within a day.
Bradley M. Cunningham


Buying CCTV Cameras and scanners from Northern Association of Security Company has helped me in saving hundreds of dollars. The products offered by them are of good quality and are available at reasonable rates. 
Connie L. Stewart
The Sample Factory